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About SYNLawn Alberta

Trusted for artificial grass installations throughout Calgary and Edmonton

If you want a lawn that never needs cutting and looks great all year round, low maintenance artificial grass from SYNLawn Alberta is a premium natural grass substitute with a truly lifelike appearance.

All good artificial turfs offer similar benefits:

  • Low ongoing maintenance effort and expense
  • No harmful residue from chemical fertilizers
  • Less water use
  • Springtime yard clean-up is less extreme
  • Safe for pets

Alberta synthetic grass residential yard

The SYNLawn Alberta Difference

All synthetic grasses are not created equal! Product quality and professional installation ultimately determine what your lawn looks like, how well it performs, and how many years it lasts.

SYNLawn Alberta’s premium artificial grass system is designed expressly for your specific application.

Our full system-based approach is tailored to your needs and budget and includes:

  • Base prep with an aggregate that gives the turf a solid foundation and proper drainage distribution.
  • Grass is cut to proper sizes, seam locations are identified, fibers are power broomed, and the edges are trimmed.
  • Odor-reducing and antimicrobial Enviro-fill is used for infill instead of silica sands whose sharp edges can affect the lawn’s lifespan.
  • Maintenance. There’s no such thing as NO maintenance! The seasons bring all types of weather. Leaves pile up and fibers flatten. Regular monthly brushing and spot cleaning can help. We also offer maintenance packages where we carry out the tasks you may not want to do yourself.

Our long-term artificial grass solutions are safe, environmentally friendly, and designed to last a long time. In fact, they now come with a limited lifetime warranty!

The Perfect Landscaping Solution

What makes our premium artificial grass so darn good?

  • Made in the USA using recyclable and renewable components.
  • Synthetic Turf Council (STC) certified installations by experts who follow industry-recognized best practices.
  • Biobased construction for longer life. Recycled water bottles, soybean pods, and other items are reprocessed into raw pellets that are then turned into long spools of textured yarn. This yarn is then used to create the different models of artificial turf.

SYNLawn is the largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of artificial grass in North America. SYNLawn Alberta’s residential and commercial product lines are designed to give you all the enjoyment of a beautiful lawn with none of the hassle or hard work. Contact us today to request your free consultation.

It’s easy to see why SYNLawn® artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution.

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